Sofia Park Hall Lobby


Main Lobby Interior

The main entrance of the building and the structural elements of the exterior are lined in light wood, which penetrates into the interior as stairs and walls of the halls. This enhances the feeling of direct contact with nature. The main lobby is through several floors and the facade there is from transparent glass, which makes these wooden elements visible from the outside. The channeling of the exterior into the interior is especially tangible during the night, when the lobby is lit and the other part of the facade disappears. This transparency creates a feeling of friendliness and accessibility, attracting people to enter. This space is broken with atrium, freestanding elegant staircase and glass floors. The lobby is designed in white with gray epoxy flooring and wood. The railings around the atrium are transparent or reflecting. This way the main accent in the space is the play of light and the play with peoples’ silhouettes. The walls in the lobby are white which makes the area suitable for displaying temporary exhibitions of art photography, applied or fine arts.